Pigment Carbon Black used for Fiber,PVC Pipes and Cables

2020-01-01 20:51:18 9

Plastic Fiber / Filaments

Beilum Carbon Chemical Limited -- Pigment Carbon Black span a range of jetness for plastic fiber and good filterability for greater stability during the manufacturing processes. The very bluish undertone makes these grades especially attractive for high-performance plastic fiber.

Polyethylene and PVC Pipe

In polyethylene pipe, our Pigment Carbon Black help meet demanding requirements for UV protection. Our sophisticated P-Types impart mechanical strength after exposure to sunlight.

High purity and tailor-made handling properties like bead stability provide advantages for producing master batches and compounds for the PE pipe market.

In PVC pipe, Beilum Carbon Black impart color and support technical performance requirements.

High-Voltage Cables

we offers several sophisticated Carbon Blacks for high-voltage (HV) cables.

Favorable viscosities of semi-conductive compounds can be achieved for stress control and insulation shields.

For jacketing, Beilum Specialty Carbon Black grades impart a high-level of UV protection for long-term field performance. 

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