Pigment Carbon Black used for Printing inks

  Printing Ink is a complex mixture of ingredients that are combined in a specific formulation to meet desired characteristics of the printing application of the ink. This article will focus on n

Pigment Carbon Blacks: Dispersion Considerations for Waterborne Systems

Water is a highly polar solvent with high surface tension and insufficient wetting properties

Research Progress of Carbon Black | Beilum Carbon

   Carbon Black aerosol is an important component of the atmospheric aerosols.When it is settled in snow and ice,it can decrease the reflectivity of the surface of snow and ice.   

Effect of Attapulgite and Carbon Black on the Properties of Natural Rubber

 The modified attapulgite / natural rubber composites (MANRC), attapulgite / natural rubber composites (ANRC) and carbon black N330 / natural rubber composites (CBNRC) were prepared by co-coagula

Pigment Carbon Black used for Plastics application

  Pigment Carbon Black can usually good to plastic in color, it can  choose pigment carbon black according to color characteristics or chemical properties, the color of the choice of carbon

Pigment Carbon Blacks for UV-curing systems inks and coatings

   It is not easy to produce deep black UV -coatings with Pigment Carbon Blacks. The main barrier is the particle size.   In the literature you find formulations including 25nm-Car

Technical Crafts of Pigment Carbon Black | Beilum Carbon

  Generally speaking, the processing methods for Pigment Carbon Black globally are Furnace, Touching (including Channel and Gas without channel) and Thermal Decomposition. We are now using furnac

Core of Specialty Carbon Blacks application : Dispersion technology

Pigment Carbon Black​ is an excellent and most widely applied black pigment. However, in practical application, it is often complained by customers for not corresponding to the expected quality, resulting in various problems in production

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